Frequently asked questions

What is the Microblading Process?

Microblading is a semi permanant makeup technique that enhances and defines eyebrows for fullness, shaping and symmetry. This technique mimicks the appearacne of hair strokes, so once healed the eyebrows are naturally fuller and more defined. Step 1: Consultation Step 2: Topical Anesthetic ( numbing cream) (15 min) Step 3: Brow Shaping (15 min) Step 4: Microblading ( 45 min-1 hr ) Step 5: Aftercare 6-8 week touch up is required after the first session to re deposit the pigment to promote longer lasting results. This is included in our inital price.

Not sure which eyelash extension set to choose?

Classic : Natural Mascara Effect ( one individual extensions attached to one natural lash) Hybrid : Slightly fuller and more noticable than classic. ( Individual extensions mixed with like 2D-3D fans) Volume: Full look. ( 4D-7D fans to create fuller, longer, denser looks.) Mega Volume: (extreme Volume, strip lash looks, very dense and full, black out effects.)

How can I book?

Click " BOOK NOW" on top of the page. Call us 3158643010 Text us 3169226645 Email us nyhouseofhair@gmail.com


Body Slim is an FDA approved treatment that asists the body in naturally flushing out unwanted fat, overall helps slim and tighen. Ultrasonic Cavition uses low frequency sound waves to dislodge fat cells from the dermal layer, Radio frequency helps tighen loose or saggy skin and promote collagen production through low frequency radio waves. Lastly Laser Lipolysis is used, again at a low frequency to shrink those unwanted fat cells. Once your treamtnet is completed, it is vital to consume 2L of water a daily to help flush out this unwanted fat that the treamtment worked to shrink and dislodge. This treatment is very safe with low risks and almost no pain. During treamtment, customers report the feeling of a " hot stone massage". No pain. After treatment redness is common, light bruising is possible however, not common. 5-10 consecutuive treatments are recomended for optimal results spaced out 1 week apart. Please talk to our specialst for more infomation on how to reach your specific goals.

What training classes do you offer?

NY AESTHETICS ACADEMY by NYHOUSEOFHAIR offers a wide and growing range of training classes for aspring beauty professionals. Our core courses are Body Slim, Body Contour, Eyelash Extensions, Microblading, Hair Extensions with varies smaller classes as dermaplaning, chemical peels, team building, mega volume etc... Please text our education department at 3159226645 for more information on classes or visit the Training tab above.

What kind of skin services do you offer?

We offer alot of unique skin services to help relax, correct, and improve. Hydrafacials are a top service that cleans out pores, flushes them completely out with h2o and replenishes the skin with nutrients it is missing and needs. Radio Frequency skin tighening LED Light therapy High Frequency Oxygen + Facials Casmara Masks Signature Facials Extractions Chemical Peels Anti Aging Facials Call us at 3158643010 to find the right facial for you! Or visit our booking site!

What is the colombian butt lift?

the Colombian Butt Lift gets its name from the equipment that originated in Colombia. This treatment uses vacuum suction through negative pressure to stimulate gluteal muslces to equal 1500-2500 squats per session, overall lifting and forming a more defined and shaped behind. Our packages include 20 minutes of anti cellulite skin smoothing treatments on the back of the thighs. This service is not that painful, customers often report the feeling of intense pressure which usually goes away a few minitues into the service as you get used to it. 5+ sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Hair Extensions info?

NYHOUSEOFHAIR is one of the first companies in Upstate NY to offer Elite Premium hair along with expert installation. Our store manufactures it's hair in Russia and our stock is re filled eevery 3 weeks. Unlike most companies, our hair is 100% remy meaning is comes directly from the donor to us. Untouched and unprocessed resulting in the top possible quality. NYHOUSEOFHAIR HAIR EXTENSIONS: 100% Human Hair 100% Remy Hair Double Drawn Ends High Premium Quality In store we have a select range of stock options. We are able to custom order any hair extensions ( I Tips, K Tips, Tape Ins, Clip Ins, Wefts, Wigs etc...) Please text 3159226645 for a custom order Our company also offers hairdressers a wholesale option to buy in bulk for a lower price.