Full Cost : $1600

Deposit : $500


This is the Must Have knowledge that will take a lash tech to the top level of Lashing. The industry is constantly changing, NYHOUSEOFHAIR sources it's information and techniques from across the global regularly, to ensure we offer the most current techniques and knowledge.

This class is for those looking to become master lash techs. 


Class Covers : 

-Increasing Speed

-Reducing Mistakes

-Advanced Mega VolumeTechniques

-How to Re-create Strip Lash Looks

-5 Advanced Isolating Techniques

-Symmetry and Face Shapes

-Tricks to Working with Very Curly Lashes

-Lash Mapping

-Advanced Taping

-Non Traditional Classic Application

-Weight Distribution

-7 Master Fanning Techniques

-Insurance, Forms, Regulations, Protocols

-Client Consult


Duration : 1 Day (9am - 6pm or as long as needed)


For more information on classes, text or call our Educational Department at 315-922-6645

Becoming a Master (Advanced Eyelash Class) Deposit