Full Cost: $2500

Deposit: $500


This Microblading Class covers all there is to know on up to date Microblading information and techniques. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and supplies to begin microblading clients on your own.

Class includes 1 demo and 1-2 hands on model(s).


Class Covers : 

-Skin Anatomy

-Hair Anatomy

-Face Shapes

-Brow Mapping


-Color Theory

-6 StrokeTechniques


-Set Up | Product Selection

-Manual Powdering

-Blades, pigment, companies

-Needle Stick Injury

-Insurance | Forms | Regulations


-Do's & Don'ts


-Client Consult             


-Blood Born Pathogens


Class Includes : Kit, Manual, Certification

Duration : 1 Day (9am-6pm or as needed)


For more infortmation on Classes, text or call our Education Department at 315-922-6645

Microblading Certification Class Deposit