Customer Care

NYHOUSEOFHAIR is build on the fundamentals of quality and luxury. All products, services and programs are designed through top industry professionals, educators and manufacturers to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality.

Our team trains on a regular bases in order to provide the best possible outcomes, for this we have a cancelation and no show policy in place that you can read about when booking an appointment. We ask that you please consider and respect our teams hard efforts.

NYHOUSEOFHAIR products come from our trusted manufactures in 7 different countries across the globe and are handled with extreme care under intense sanitation and quality protocols, for this we do not allow returns once an item has left our facility. There will be no refunds on any service. Should you ever encounter a problem, please reach out to our management team and we will do our best to improve your experience.

Privacy & Safety

NYHOUSEOFHAIR works closely with it’s county health department to maintain adequate safety and sanitary measures at all times.

Your health, safety, and privacy is our top priority.

Let’s celebrate your individual beauty.

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